So, you think Nick wears enough hats already? Think again. As well as being a member of ACTRA, a working musician/recording artist, sound designer/composer, and a semi-professional hockey player for the Lethbridge Lightning; Nick is also a film and theatre producer, director and writer.  If you've ever met Nick you'll know he loves his hats, both metaphorical and literal.  Whether he's writing, producing, directing or all of the above Nick must have a big closet for all of his head-wear.  Here is a select list of films which Nick is involved in that are either in development, production and/or post-production:






Spider is an experimental short film centered around a deranged young women who is morbidly obsessed with death, corpses and the intensely morbid. When a group of friends find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time our strange young woman has a decision to make... does she follow her impulse or suppress her calling. 

  • Directed by: Blake Evernden

  • Role: Production Sound Mixer, Actor (Hiker)

  • Status: On International Festival circuits

  • Release: 2018

The cast, crew and production team of Spider are excited to announce that we have won the 2018 "Best Experimental Short Film" at the Bahia Independent Cinema Festival. This is Spider's  first international award and it is still making it's way to new festivals. This is a thrilling film with it's own unique vibe and some effective twists. A lot of hard work and skill went into it and it's exciting to watch it pay off.




In the age of social media, Tinder and rave culture a new technology is bringing our young adults together but their is something sinister stalking their posts.  The bait is set, the trap is hot, it's #Partytime!

  • Directed by: Thorsten Nesch

  • Role: Producer, Production Sound Mixer, Dialogue Editor, Foley & SFX recordist and Sound Designer

  • Status: Post-Production

  • Release: est. 2019


BLack Falls


A modern twist on the classic western. A mother and daughter must brave the mountainous forests to confront a long thought defeated, cold-hearted criminal and his gang while trying to rescue the girl he holds for ransom. - Set to be shot in and around southern Alberta

  • Directed by: Blake Evernden

  • Role: Producer 

  • Status: Pre-production & funding

  • Shooting 2021


The Philosophers


When the conservative values in a small town become too much for this group of artists they band together to open people's minds but is their little town ready for what is coming? Maybe the Philosopher King knows. or maybe the editors will scrap the whole thing...

  • Directed by: Gianna Isabella

  • Role: Editor, Principle Actor, Sound Designer and Composer

  • Status: Post-Production

  • Release: N/A


Back from the Dead

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A Telus Storyhive Music Video Edition 2018 music video featuring Lethbridge, AB based three-piece progressive-rock band, DEAD ARMY, and their original song "Back from the Dead," a song about people who fall into the darkness of life only to find someone who brings them back to the light.  A complex poly-narrative that tugs on the heart strings and relates to us all. 

  • Directed by: Nick Bohle

  • Role: Director, Producer, Writer, Project Lead

  • Status: Available now!

  • Released: May 27th 2019


A wink or a smile


A young man sits impatiently in a coffee shop deliberating his twitterpated friend's next text message to his new sweetheart.  A comedy full of wit and repartee. 

  • Directed by: Blake C. Evernden

  • Role: Production Sound Mixer, Sound Designer, Mixdown Engineer

  • Status: Complete 

  • Release: Coming Soon - Festival circuit


The gardeners

A group of renegade gardeners raid their neighborhoods of holistic and homeopathic plants in hopes of curing their friends dying mother. What lengths will they go to to find the cure for a crippling and unforgiving disease. Who might be watching and what will they do?

  • Directed by: Nick Bohle

  • Role: Writer, Director, Producer

  • Status: Development (Script)

  • Shooting: TBA