While Nick is a professional actor, his first artistic calling came from music. He has been the lead singer and a major contributing writer in many rock bands all over western Canada for the past 15 years.  He is also a singer-songwriter focusing on guitar and piano.  Nick is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and seasoned improviser for multiple theatre productions. He has his diploma in Professional Recording Arts from the Art Institute of Vancouver and over a decade and a half of practical industry experience. He now owns his own audio/visual production company, HatChap Productions Inc. Below is a select list of projects which Nick has infused with his musical abilities.



cold room


Produced by Nick Bohle 


RECENT Releases

The Crabs Claws


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Film and Audio Produced by Nick Bohle 

"Dreaming of the Moon" is a song that anyone who has ever been in love should be able to resonate with. It's ripe with the love-song tropes that only make sense when you're in the thick of it, ya know?! This song is a departure and exploration from some of Nick's past work with CREDO. With a more contemporary alternative vibe, this song brings out some new sounds and feels that are foreign but welcome. Further exploration is required.

dreaming of the moon



...and check this out!

"Dreaming of the Moon" is featured on the debut season of "ABRACADAVERS," an Alberta based web-series that totes the line between realism and fantasy as a group of young adults gets involved in a host of dramatic and comedic encounters with fantastic and real-life foes. You can find "ABRACADAVERS" on iTunes, Apple TV and the Fantasy Network.

Below are links to the ABRACADAVERS web page, IMDb and various socials. Go check out what they're up to and learn more about the team. These are the artistic and creative minds of the future.  Get in on the ground floor and watch them rise to the top. 

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Credo is an alternative-grunge-rock project hailing from Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. It is spearheaded by Nick Bohle and aims to inform and inspire the masses to challenge the status quo.  Drawing on the 90's grunge sounds of Soundgarden, Nirvana, Oasis, NIN, Tool, Queens of the Stoneage, etc.  Credo takes pride in keeping these old sounds alive and well.  While Nick usually records and performs each instrument and element on his own he does invite guest artists to infuse Credo's tracks with a little something special. Current collaborators include: Benjamin Bohle (Brother. Co-writer, guitarist and vocalist on "It's All One" - "Shed the Dread"), Brianna Diodati (singer and co-writer on "Little Piggy" - "Shed the Dread"), Danielle Wintrip (Co-writer on "Film Noir"- "Shed the Dread"), Jared Garrick co-writer and vocalist on "Red Moon" - "Shed the Dread"). 

Shed the Dread is Credo's debut 2016 album.  It was recorded, engineered and mastered by Nick Bohle himself in the United Insight Studio in Lethbridge, Alberta. Credo is currently writing and producing its second album, set to be released in 2019. 



Tyson Ray Borsboom



Tyson Ray Borsboom is a southern Alberta based singer-songwriter who is starting to make some big waves in the western Canadian music scene.  Drawing on the soothing and haunting sounds of emotive folk-rock and solo artists, Tyson's sound plays well alongside bands and artists like: John Butler Trio, Xavier Rudd, City and Color, and Ben Harper. Tyson's voice is rich with character and honesty which mirrors his personality quite well. I had the pleasure of mastering his first single and look forward to working with, watching and listening to this guy grow and evolve into an even more stellar music creator. Below are links to: music videos, socials, tracks, streaming and more.

Role: Mastering Engineer

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Tyson Ray Borsboom - Facebook


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Over the years Nick has fallen into wearing many hats. Living in humble little southern Alberta doesn't usually produce a high output of well trained audio engineers and so Nick has become a regular go-to for local independent recording artists, singer-songwriters, hip hop artists and DJs looking for a solid professional master.  Nick operates his own privte studio in Lethbridge where much of the musical magic takes place. Some past artists that Nick has produced, engineered and/or mastered include (but are not limited to):

  • JACK (Daniel J. Perryman) 

  • Deeds - Ghost Return to Mourning (Live (Filmed) theatre performance + Album)

  • Moonlight Banshee 

  • Credo 

  • Whattheheck

  • Sound of Swarm 

  • Swollen Members 

  • Transient

  • Dead Army

  • ...and more...


PAst Projects

Nick has been a musician since the ripe age of 16 when him and 3 friends founded their first band together called "Effluo". That's a lie!! There were many names at first but that one became the one that stuck.  Effluo is latin for​ "to flow out", and the music hasn't stopped flowing since. Interesting how Latin is a precursor to most magic in our world... but that's for another website. Here is a list of some of the past projects Nick has been a part of:

  • Effluo

  • Transient 

  • Dredge Vessel

  • Moonlight Banshee and the Grunge Lizard



Thanks for listening!!