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Have a script, a song/music video idea or a product but don’t know how to get it off the ground? Need funding, a crew, connections, industry knowledge? Our producers will go to bat for you and bring your vision to life. Whether you’re in need of script development all the way through to distribution, HatChaps know the way.  From short to long form productions we have the knowledge to deliver the greatest possible crystallization of your art.




Owner, Nick Bohle, is an experienced film, music video, theatre and music creator and performer. HatChaps was founded on the premise that... well... Nick wears many hats. As such, his breadth of experience in so many fields lends well to the director's chair.


Sound Design and Field Production


From the first clap of the slate to the final delivery of sound stems, HatChap Productions Inc. can bring to life the fullest fidelity sounds for your film production.  Foley, SFX, dialogue editing, ADR and more.




Are you a band? A singer-songwriter? An indy, hip hop or rap act? Need a single to expose yourself? HatChap Productions Inc. will produce a compelling, professional and fully produced track that rivals the quality of any professional studio. Everything from conception to distribution is within our grasp.

Demos, Eps and Albums


A single isn’t enough? Let’s do a few!





Have a film, commercial or audio-book that needs a score. Our resident composer and owner Nick Bohle has the experience, collaborative ingenuity, skill and training to work with you to produce compositions that rub shoulders with the greats.




Have a track or a composition but it’s not quite there? Not as sparkly as the sounds in your head? Let us put it under our hats and add the magic that it deserves. 


While HatChap provides highly professional, cinematic and evocative content to all of our clients and through all of our mediums, whether it be narrative or commercial work we also go above beyond just creating content. 

HatChap Productions Inc.'s marketing strategies and processes allow us to provide and monitor analytics for the content we release. Allowing us and our clients to adapt to changes in market and content delivery channels which amplifies reach and response. 


By creating content that viewers seek, combining it with your service or product and launching it with careful analytics and timing HatChap Productions won't only create a stunning commercial for you and your brand to be proud of. We will also cultivate and expand it's reach and get your beautifully delivered products and services into the eyes, minds and hands of your target markets. 



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Classes & Coaching

The HatChaps offer workshops, classes and private coaching based training in acting for camera, audition prep, scene study, entertainment business awareness, screenwriting, theatre production, music production and many other entertainment and performance based aspects of the entertainment industry. 

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